3D Print a Motorized Star Wars AT-AT

Maker Dan Olson posted this awesome project to Thingiverse yesterday. It’s a very impressive 3D printable AT-AT walking machine.

This is a walking model of an AT-AT from the Star Wars films. It is powered by a 9V battery, a 90 rpm motor, and a switch. Everything else is 3d printed using roughly 750 grams of filament.

The entire design includes of 69 individual parts (28 STL files). It sounds like a ton, but most of them are small, easy prints. I printed a complete set of parts in about four days. Depending on how good your printer is, it may take some hours to clean up the parts and assemble them. This is a large model, it’s almost a foot tall. Make sure your printer is large enough to print all of the parts as they cannot be scaled down!