3-d Printing Store open at Memorial City Mall

HOUSTON – A brand new dimension is being added by a Houston business to selfies, literally.

The so-called “shapies” use 3D printing technology that is more accessible than you are perhaps thinking.

Shoppers are stopping in their own courses at Memorial City Mall. The draw? 3D Makery kiosk promoting the ‘greatest selfie.’ It could be something that can be scanned inside the Shapify booth, of pet, your partner, child, or you.

Twenty-year-old Joseph Perez was fascinated in the shapie of a car in the exhibit cabinet. 3D Makery sales person clarifies, “We go to you personally and scan the vehicle. It requires three to 5 minutes.” A hand scanner can be used.

Perez wants to know if he can take the truck for the sculpture as well as the reply is “Yes.”

The important thing to your decent shapie? Keeping really still for about 1 2 seconds. The device uses light to create an image that is subsequently sent to a 3D printer off site. In a matter of minutes, the shapie emerges.

You, in truth for $300 to $3,000 can pick up a more modest 3 D printer at stores such as Wal-Mart, Club. Depot or Sam’s Home

Benedict Nguyen, a Texas A&M emerging technologies specialist, believes it is the wave of the future. Nguyen states, “Anything you’ve in your house, you can print basically.”

If you don’t have a scanner for an item? Nguyen states, “People upload the designs at no cost and there are millions and million off free files out there for every thing.”