3D Printed Thyroid Transplant

November 4, 2015 Kimberly Reed 0

In November of 2014, a bold claim was made by a Russian firm by the name of 3D Bioprinting Solutions: they intended to create the first 3D printed animal thyroid gland . With their announcement which they had successfully printed a thyroid gland for a mouse, they delivered right on …Read More

Shots Fired: The 3D Printing Materials IP War Has Begun as Joshua Pearce Releases Algorithm for Obviousness

November 4, 2015 Kimberly Reed 0

As 3D print becomes more successful and dependable, the skill to fabricate just about anything without needing mass production at home is almost unavoidable. This skill to circumvent conventional production will basically decimate present intellectual property (IP) law and allow consumers more independence than before. But that’s been the endgame …Read More

ACT 36th Annual Meeting – American College of Toxicology

November 2, 2015 Kimberly Reed 0

Occasion Summary: With the mission to teach, lead, and serve professionals in toxicology and related subjects by encouraging the exchange of information and perspectives on applied toxicology and safety evaluation, the American College of Toxicologists provides numerous opportunities for members and nonmembers to participate in continuing professional education. Exhibitor Tips: …Read More