Behind the Product Andrea Van-Hintum Designs

June 12, 2017 Kimberly Reed 0

In Behind the Product we concentrate on the models of Andrea van Hintum. This selection was special in that hand-sewn clothes paired with her 3d-printed were included by Hintum. Would you explain what inspired them and the tale of your models? Inspiration and the tips for my designs arrived through …Read More

3D Print from Your Smartphone with $99 OLO

April 30, 2016 Kimberly Reed 0

OLO 3D believes with 3D printing in the maximum freedom of use and form. They seem to blend perfect aesthetics with the almost effortlessly that is utilitarian, and they are handing that down for their users now rather liberally with the OLO smartphone 3D printer. The burning question once it …Read More